We're building a living virtual world around digital tulips.

Our tulips are programmatically generated, genetically expressive, provably unique, and stored on the blockchain. Each tulip is a beautiful, unpredictable piece of digital art. Soon, you'll be able to plant, grow, breed and exchange them. Texel is an online gaming experience, a digital art installation, and a social experiment.

demo: tulip generator demo: texel tiles coming soon

The Texel team includes Mark Willis (artist, designer, directed web & digital strategy at Harvard University), Sam Weinrott (developer, filmmaker, Philadelphia blockchain community leader), Eric Manganaro (blockchain developer, musician, natural language processing at University of Pennsylvania), Alejandro Londono (designer and front-end engineer) and Andrew Malkin (blockchain engineer). The team is based in Philadelphia.

Technical.ly Philly

Initial demos, a roadmap, and a whitepaper are forthcoming.

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