We're building a community around digital tulips.

Our tulips are programmatically generated, genetically expressive, environmentally responsive and provably unique. They live on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. Each tulip is a beautiful, unpredictable piece of digital art. Soon, you'll be able to plant, grow, breed and exchange them. Texel Tulips is an online gaming experience, a digital art installation, and a social community.

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We're putting a lot of thought into how to algorithmically generate tulips. Preview what our tulip NFTs will look like, and create and save your own random tulips, with our (off-blockchain) tulip generator.

Ask us anything. The Texel Tulips community is growing on Discord, and you're invited.



  • Texel founders meet at RareAF NYC
  • Tulip Sample NFT Generator v1
  • Tulip Breeding Demo v1


  • Tulip genetic blueprint and breeding model
  • Initial tulip minting and breeding smart contracts (Ropsten)
  • Chainlink Ecosystem partnership (VRF)
  • Discord community

Mid 2021

  • Tulip Sample NFT Generator v2

Early 2022

  • Next-generation minting and breeding smart contracts (Rinkeby)
  • Testnet beta launch & public testing period (Rinkeby)
  • Texel Guilder (ERC20) public auction

Late 2022

  • Texel Tulips Launch on Ethereum Mainnet & OpenSea
  • Initial Tulip Mint (Harvest 1)
  • Distribution: Great Tulip Hunt (month-long NFT proof-of-ownership scavenger hunt)
  • Distribution: Dutch Tulip Auction

Early 2023

  • Game: Tulip Bouquets
  • Texel Horticultural Society (DAO)

Early 2024

  • Game: Tulip Island


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The Texel team includes Mark Willis (artist, designer, directed web & digital strategy at Harvard University), Sam Weinrott (developer, filmmaker, founder of PizzaDao and RarePizzas, Philadelphia blockchain community leader), John May (blockchain engineer), Eric Manganaro (blockchain developer, musician, natural language processing at University of Pennsylvania) and Andrew Malkin (blockchain engineer). The project has also seen contributions from a range of artists and blockchain developers. The team is based in Philadelphia.

Texel was founded in 2018 shortly after its founders met at the Rare Digital Art Festival (RareAF).


News Coverage and Presentations

Texel works with: Chainlink (read our integration story)
Texel has presented at: New York Rights Tech Conference Introduced / Philadelphia Tech Week Philly Blockchain Tech
Texel has been covered by: Technical.ly Philly


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Find us on Twitter and Instagram as @TexelTulips. You can also find us at LinkedIn.
We're usually talking on Discord — join us!